November 5 Election Returns

Hood River Measure 14-67 (Parks Vote Requirement)

Yes                  1,770               72%

No                   689                  28%


Westside Fire District Levy Renewal

Yes                  1,448               78%

No                   400                  22%


Skyline Hospital District Levy Lid Lift from 31 cents to 68 cents

Yes                  815                  45%

No                   1,015               55%


Dallesport Fire District Levy Lid Lift from 36 cents to 90 cents

Yes                  125

No                   133


White Salmon Mayor

Marla Keethler            276

Douglas Charters        63


Trout Lake School Board Pos. 1

Brendan Norman        125

Dana Robison-Miller   90


Goldendale School Board Pos. 1

Beth Schroder             828

Kent Apostol              300


Dallesport Water Commissioner #2

William Clark              74

David McNeal            70


Skyline Hosptial District Commissioner Pos. 4

Ricky Knowles                       959

Karleen Swarztrauber             603


North Bonneville City Council Pos. 5

Judie Whitcomb          90

Mike Riley                  29


Stevenson School Board Dir. 1

Andra Mobley             422

Sandy Vigil                 400


Stevenson School Board Dir. 5

Dan Fuller                   508

Jeanette Foster            301


Home Valley Water District Commissioner #1

Gary Collins                34

Mary Repar                 21


Skamania County Hospital District Replacement Property Tax Levy (50 cents for EMS)

Yes                              1,098   61.5%

No                               688      38.5%


Stevenson Sales Tax for Housing and Related Services (1/10 of 1%)

No                               121     

Yes                              98


Home Valley Water District Maintenance and Capital Improvement Levy

Yes                              41

No                               17

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