No Further Sightings Of Cougar At West Edge Of Hood River

Hood River Police have made no further sightings of a cougar that was reported to have killed a deer near a residence on Tuesday night.  Police say it occurred in a wooded area on the west edge of Hood River, and the cougar returned to the woods afterwards.  Police monitoring the area Wednesday made no further sightings of the cougar.  There are no reports of a cougar killing pets or being seen during daylight hours in the area, so the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife does not characterize this cougar as a public safety issue.  However, ODFW recommends people concerned about the presence of cougars familiarize themselves with actions they can take to reduce possible conflicts with these animals.  They include keeping pets indoors at night, teaching children and other family members how to react if they see a cougar including making themselves look as big as possible and yelling and throwing rocks to ensure the cougar does not feel welcome, avoiding running in areas of thick brush or poor visibility between dusk and dawn, and considering installing motion-activated lights to exclude prey species like turkey and deer.  If you see a live cougar or a dead animal, particularly one that has been covered with ground debris, report it to the Oregon Deparment of Fish and Wildlife or law enforcement immediately.

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