Bonham One Of Three Senators Hitting 10 Unexcused Absences

Two Republicans and an Independent taking part in a boycott that has stalled hundreds of bills in the Oregon Senate, including measures on abortion and gender-affirming care, were disqualified Monday from reelection under a new constitutional amendment.  One of the trio is 26th District Republican Senator Daniel Bonham.  The GOP-led walkout of the Democrat-dominated Senate has stretched to 10 days.  Each of the three affected senators accumulated 10 unexcused absences, making them ineligible to serve in the Legislature for the period after their terms expire under a ballot measure voters passed overwhelmingly last year.  On Bicoastal Media’s Mid-Columbia Today program on Friday Bonham, whose term has just started and would not face going to the ballot until 2026, said he believed Measure 113 is unconstitutional.  But he also added he was willing to risk his political future over the abortion and gender-affiming health care protection bill he believes is an assault on parental rights because it lacks notification requirements when youth seek such treatments.  The other boycotting senators who reached the 10-day limits for automatic disqualification are Republican Dennis Linthicum and Independent Brian Boquist.  Measure 113 left unclear whether they can run for office as candidates, even though they could not serve.

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