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D-21 Alternative School opens

Although most students in the area just started their Summer Vacation 3 or 4 weeks ago, there are some students that started school Monday (7/7). Wahtonka Community School opened with 50-55 students who will attend school Monday through Thursday year-round. There are another 25 or so students on the waiting list. The classes aren’t all inside the school, they will work on projects outside the building as well. One example is Petersburg School, where gardens have been set up for the students to work on. While an expansion could be in the future, D-21 Superintendent Candy Armstrong says they will stay at the current enrollment level for at least the first year for a couple of reasons. She says the staff is maxed out, and they want to make sure they are doing things right. Armstrong is also anxious to see if the excitement they have seen in the run-up to the program is the same after a few weeks of attendance, especially in the Summer.