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Local News

McCabe Seeks Constituent Opinions On Smoking Age Bill

Washington 14th District State Representative Gina McCabe wants to know what her constituents think about state Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s proposal to raise the legal smoking age from 18 to 21.  McCabe says she is torn on the issue.  She is encouraging 14th District constituents to give their input by taking part in a survey available through her e-mail newsletter…which can be obtained by signing up for it at McCabe’s legislative website.  Fellow 14th District Representative Norm Johnson says he has some mixed feelings on the smoking age proposal, but adds given what we know about the health ramifications of tobacco use he is leaning in favor of the Ferguson bill at this point.

Johnson Doesn’t Think Minimum Wage Hike Will Pass Senate

A veteran Washington legislator does not think an increase in the state’s minimum wage will come out of Olympia during this session.  Republican 14th District Representative Norm Johnson doesn’t believe a proposed increase to $12 an hour could get out of the Senate.  Johnson points out Washington already has the highest minimum wage in the country, and he isn’t sure you can ask business for much more.  Fellow 14th District Representative Gina McCabe is on the committee that heard testimony on the minimum wage bill.  She pointed out some business owners in SeaTac, where the minimum wage was increased to $15 an hour, testified they had to lay off some workers when it occurred to keep their labor costs manageable.

Housing Needs To Be Big Part Of HR County Goal Setting Talk

Hood River County Commissioners will hold their annual goal-setting session this Saturday.  With a stable group of commissioners that has remained unchanged for a few years, Chairman Ron Rivers says they will start by reviewing the goals from one year ago and see what kind of progress they made.  He says affordable workforce housing will remain a big issue.  Rivers adds they will probably discuss how to get a better idea of the number of vacation rentals in the County and their impact on housing supply.  Saturday’s goal-setting session is at 9 a.m. at the Hood River Hotel.

TD Council Goal Setting Set For Monday

The Dalles City Council will hold a goal setting session this Monday afternoon.  Councilors will prioritize their goals for the upcoming year as a precursor to budget work for the 2015-16 fiscal year.  Mayor Steve Lawrence says they have taken a different approach to goal setting, starting with a blank sheet of paper rather than using last year’s goals as a starting point during an earlier meeting.  He says much of the discussion involves policy as much as specific goals.  Funding road maintenance figures to the top the list.  Also on the list up for discussion:  working with partner governmental agencies and non-profits to improve coordination of services, maintaining public safety, and encouraging efficient City government.  The meeting takes place at noon on Monday in The Dalles City Hall.

January 27 Prep Basketball Scoreboard

Boys Basketball

Columbia 67, Stevenson 55

Zillah 71, Goldendale 16


Girls Basketball

Lyle-Wishram 58, Klickitat 31:  Lacy Carse scored 18 points and Kiya Childers 17 as four Cougars finished in double figures.

Trout Lake 40, Horizon Christian 31

Zillah 61, Goldendale 24

City of HR Embarking On Housing Needs Analysis

Hood River City Councilors approved a contract with the firms of EcoNorthwest and Berger Abam to do a buildable lands inventory and housing needs analysis.  It’s part of the effort to craft a solution to the lack of affordable housing in the area.  Hood River City Manager Steve Wheeler says the work will begin with an inventory of vacant land, filtering out some properties that are not realistic to build on.  Wheeler added they intuitively know some of the issues surrounding housing, but there is a need for more factual data.  The inventory and analysis should be done by the end of May.

Senators Seek Presidential Medal Of Honor For Hood River Native

A group of senators, including Oregon’s Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, have written a letter to President Barack Obama to award the Presidential Medal of Honor to Hood River native Minoru Yasui.  Yasui is most famous for his legal challenge to the order authorizing restrictions on, and the eventual internment of, more than 120,000 Japanese Americans during World War II.  He deliberately violated a curfew and after his arrest took his case to the U.S. Supreme Court, which ruled against him.  An Oregon district court eventually overturned his conviction but did not rule on the constitutionality of wartime internment.  He had tried nine times to join the U.S. Army, only to be denied due to his heritage.  Yasui was born in Hood River, earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Oregon, and became the first Japanese-American to graduate from the University of Oregon law school.  After his internment Yasui eventually moved to Denver, where he had a long career as a lawyer and civil rights advocate.  Eight senators signed the letter to the President.

HR County Closing Riordan Hill And Post Canyon Roads

Hood River County officials are temporarily closing both Riordan Hill Road and Post Canyon Road to vehicular traffic.  It’s an effort to protect the County’s forest roads during a time of year when they are most vulnerable to damage.  A new gate is being installed on Riordan Hill Road about a quarter-mile to the west of the Family Man Skills Complex.  By the end of the week the new gate…the existing two gates on Riordan Hill Road near Binns Hill Road, and the existing gate on Post Canyon Road just north of the Post Flats Staging Area will be closed and locked.  The gates will remain closed for the rest of the winter season.

The Dalles Council Moves Ahead On Residential Infill Requirements

The Dalles City Council gave the go ahead for municipal staff to draw up a resolution changing the requirements for an owner to construct a single family dwelling on a residential lot.  The resolution will be based on recommendations from the City Planning Commission, and includes establishing a designation of key network streets that are major community connectors, cancellation of existing waivers of remonstrance and delayed improvement agreements, and to have the City pay for installation of stormwater and curbs and the engineering work for sidewalks when required.  Planning Director Dick Gassman said the basic concept for the network streets system is to acknowledge public improvements are required on certain major streets intended to provide access to the entire community.  Most of those streets are already fully improved.  Councilor Taner Elliott noted if the City can take the burden of engineering and stormwater improvements, it will make more people willing to build, and that will help the municipal budget’s bottom line.



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